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Ennis Evangelical Church (EEC) is a non-denominational, bible-dependent Christian church. We are from all kinds of different backgrounds, ages and nationalities.

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phone: 086 872 1641

Unit 6, Block E, Quin Road Business Park, Bunnow, Ennis, Co. Clare, V95XK03


Note: This is for our visitors and friends only. You will be emailed and asked for your relationship to the EEC


Recent Sermons

John 19:18 "Jesus on the Cross"

Jesus is crucified outside Jerusalem alongside condemned criminals. In His death, Christ takes the place of the condemned, the sinner, the outsider, the guilty, the godforsaken. The Cross speaks of God’s gracious love for sinners. A love for the lost. The Cross is God in Christ taking our condemnation upon Himself in order to give us the righteousness of God and to set us free from sin and guilt.

The Cross is God’s verdict against our sin and His declaration of His love for us.

John 19v18 - What does the Cross mean to you? - (Shane)
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John 19:7-16 - "Behold Your King!"

Pilate’s failed attempt to find a compromise for Jesus’s release reveals his own weakness before the Sovereignty of God. Jesus stood resolute in His commitment to the Father’s will and reminds Pilate that true and final power is in the hands of God alone. As Pilate hands Christ over to be crucified he mocks Jesus and the crowds call for his death by presenting Jesus as “the king”. However, Pilate once again speaks a truth deeper than he realises. Christ is indeed the King, the King of Kings who lays down his life for the Church. Let us ever behold Christ as King by putting our faith in his perfect work and person. Let us seek to honour Christ as King by serving His body the Church. And finally, let us always remember that Christ received the judgment of our sin in order to take away God’s judgment from us. Christ is truly the King who saves.

John 19:7-16 "Behold Your King!" - (Shane)
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